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Who I Am

Rodrigo García Carmona (yes, in Spain we have two surnames). The guy in the picture.

I’m a professor by day, and a game designer, translator and publisher by night. I enjoy creating, hacking and solving problems, but love teaching, learning and helping others to learn. I like to be at the intersection of teaching, technology and games.

I’ve been playing for my whole life and love games in all their shapes (although RPGs are clearly my favorites). I believe games are much more than a hobby (although there’s nothing bad in that). They can teach us to be better people and helping us grow in more dimensions that we can imagine. On top of that, games are the way I express myself.

I’m a telecommunications engineer (a mixture of computer science, electronics and signal processing) and I’m proud of it, since this discipline showed me the pleasure of tackling challenges and solving problems. I also managed to complete a PhD, one of the most difficult things I’ve done in my entire life. By doing that, I learned how to research, see things with scientific rigor, go one step further of what I believed where my limits and admire the breadth of human knowledge.

I’m incredibly lucky, since I can do what I love the most: teaching. Specially to guys between ages 18 to 25. This is my favorite phase in life; when you are on the verge of becoming an adult. Although I get interested in more fields that I can pursue, I end finding the way of linking them together, even if it’s in a far-fetched way. But everything revolves, one way or another, around teaching. I sincerely believe that I’ll never get tired of learning (whatever the topic), and every time I find about something I feel the urge to show it to others.

But enough talking about myself. In the top bar of this site there are links to my GitHub (for the code I write), my Twitter and my LinkedIn (for the more job-related me).